SmartCam (camera)

Smartcam is a wireless infrared camera that can be used to diagnose and rehabilitate balance disorders.

This medical device can provide vestibular information thanks to :

– Wireless communication with the software (on iPad or PC)

– Automatic pupil detection

– Integrated motion sensors- Integrated fixation light

– Reversible monocular camera that can be used on both eyes

– Thanks to its integrated software, the SmartCam camera will be able to meet future needs.


SmartCam enables you to start with a simple Video Frenzel system (NystaLab) and then to evolve towards a Videonystagmography system (VNG Ulmer or D-VNS) by adding new functions to the same camera.

– Xpress Mask is made with a lightweight rubber and an adjustable elastic strap. It’s easy to clean after each use and is convenient for a busy daily practice. The camera and the eye occluder fasten themselves magnetically to the mask.
– Goggles Flex are equipped with foams that make them light and comfortable for the patient. They can be adjusted due to the different sizes of the nose bridge and the elastic strap. The camera and the eye occluder are fastened mechanically to the goggles.