VertiPlatform giver posturografi og visuel feedback-træning til balancerehabilitering.

Med en trådløs forbindelse til pc tilbyder VertiPlatform en række rehabiliteringsprotokoller, der er enkle og endda sjove at udføre.

I kombination med VertiPACS giver det brugeren mulighed for at udføre en kvantitativ Romberg-test og en frekvensanalyse, som letter detekteringen af ​​det berørte balancesystem.


VertiPACS-Module VertiPlatform – Item Nr.8210-17


The VertiPlatform® allows a quantifica-tion of the Romberg test. VertiPlatform® is a force plate with pressure-sensitive sensors to determine the centre of pres-sure (COP), the oscillations of the body as well the loss of stability (LOS). The results are displayed in a 2D bar graph (stabilo-gram) and a sway frequency diagram (Fourier Analysis). Posturography is a means to assess dysfunctions of the ves-tibular system on the cerebellar, spinal and vestibular level.

Balance training

The balance training consists of a Rom-berg test as basic test and 4 to 6 exer-cises which can be used for the therapy of any kind of balance disorder. Following instructions and guidance on a flat screen, the patient endeavours to control his centre of pressure. This feedback method increases the patient‘s motiva-tion and accelerates the progress of compensation of vestibular deficits.

Limits of Stability

This test is used to define the extent to which the patient can move and control his centre of pressure without losing his balance. The patient’s task is to shift his centre of gravity in a controlled manner in the direction of a target: forwards, forwards right, right, backwards right, backwards, backwards left, left, forwards left.