The Dynamic SPS allows to measure the static and dynamic balance of patients and to assess their somatosensory, visual and vestibular inputs, making it a useful equipment for ENTs, geriatrics and physiotherapists involved in functional rehabilitation.

The Synapsys SPS platform is equipped with different tools allowing to stimulate each sensory input with many disturbing factors and to design a customized rehabilitation protocol for each patient.

Synapsys SPS is available in two upgradeable versions, Static SPS and Dynamic SPS, which cover the different needs. In addition to the protocols of the Static SPS (SOT, Romberg test and Stimulated Vestibular Evolution Assessment), the Dynamic SPS offers also the Fall Risk Assessment, a fall risk indicator for the elderly, which combines the results from different types of translational tests. Thanks to the security support bars, the patient is safe for the whole duration of the test.


The Dynamic SPS offers different types of exercises (stabilization, weight shift, weight bearing and postural control), which can be combined in different rehabilitation programs, specific to each patient.

Results of each rehabilitation session can be all displayed in the same graph, allowing you to constantly monitor rehabilitation progresses of your patients.